Doctor examining patient on slit lamp

Our focus: patient care excellence

Advanced Retina Center

Our medical practice specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions involving the retina, macula, vitreous and uvea. Some of the more common conditions include macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, retinal tear, macular hole, macular pucker (epiretinal membrane), uveitis (inflammation of the deeper layers of the eye), retinal vein and artery occlusion, central serous retinopathy, and floaters and flashes.

Our physicians and surgeons are board certified ophthalmologists. After graduating from medical school, they complete a one year internship, followed by three years of medical and surgical training in ophthalmology residency. Our physicians complete additional advanced fellowship specializing in diseases and treatment of the retina and uvea.

Our offices and facilities are equipped with state of the art equipment for diagnosis as well as in office procedures and laser surgery. Conditions that require major surgery are performed by our surgeons at INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital.

Our specialization allows us to focus on the treatment involving the retina. Our practice does not provide general eye exams for glasses or contact lenses. We partner with your primary eye care provider and communicate with them.