Staff checking vision of young patient

What to Expect

During your first visit, your eyes will need to be dilated in order to examine the retina. This causes temporary blurred vision especially when trying to read for about 4 hours. The dilation reverses itself and vision normalizes. Most patients are comfortable driving but others don’t feel confident and may choose to have someone else drive them home after the exam.

The dilating eye drops are safe unless someone develops an allergic reaction, which is very uncommon. Also if you are pregnant, please alert the staff, as we try to not dilate in the first trimester of the pregnancy. The effects of the dilation medications on the fetus during pregnancy are unknown, but generally felt to be safe by medical experience.

Expected duration of visit. Please plan for the visit to last up to 2 hours, due to the wait time for eye dilation, as well as additional diagnostic tests that often have to be done, which can add more time to the visit.

Check Your Insurance

Obtain referral from your PCP if your insurance requires it. Please also make sure to check with your insurance if you need a referral in order for your insurance to cover the medical expenses associated with your visit. If a referral is required but not obtained, we may not be able to evaluate you.